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THE SECOND SUMMER SERBIAN-RUSSIAN ECOGEOGRAPHY CAMP (Leningrad and Pskov oblast, from 8th to 18th July 2017)

On July 8th 2017, students of the Faculty of Geography from Belgrade leave for summer field studies with colleagues from Leningrad State University Pushkin. This stay is proof of the continuity of many years of successful cooperation in joint field teaching, summer camps and research activities on the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Serbia.


Leningrad and Pskov oblast​:

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From July 12th to 26th 2016, the first summer Serbian-Russian ecogeography camp of the Deelopmetn Centre of Russian Geographical Society in Serbia was held in the village of Blazevo (Brus community), Republic of Serbia. Participants of the practice were students of the Faculty of natural sciences
, Geography and Tourism, of the Leningrad State University of Pushkin, and students of the Faculty of Geography of the Belgrade University. During the internship, students visited the cities of Belgrade, Krusevac, Aleksandrovac, Brus, Nis, the surroundings of the village of Blazevo, the Kopaonik mountain.

Summer camp in Blazevo:

From Gogland to Kopaonik - News on the RGS site
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Camp - a participants presentation
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During June, July and August of 2015, students of Geographic and other faculties of the University of Belgrade participated in three scientific expeditions on the territory of the Russian Federation (the Gulf of Finland and Krasnoyarsk Kray), each for an individual duration of 20 to 25 days. Expenses for staying in the territory of the Russian Federation are covered by the organizer - RGO.

1. Gogland - Saint Petersburg (presentation)
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2. Kizil Kuragino (report)
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3. Ermak (report)
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